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    2. Conditions for studying Korean in hotel management industry

    In order to apply to study abroad at Korean universities, you must at least meet the following conditions:
    Graduated from high school or have a bachelor’s degree
    GPA of 6.5 and above
    Family economic conditions are fine

    3. Top leading universities in hotel management training in Korea

    Sejong University is a leading school of hotel management training in Korea. With the goal of training future leaders in the field of hotels, tourism, … the school has focused on training combining theory with practice. The goal of the school is to create a competitive advantage with the tourism industry, the hotel in other universities. Students are allowed to practice at large hotels and travel agencies of Korea. Tuition for undergraduate level is 3,110,000 Won / semester, graduate is 5,023,000 Won / semester.

    Kyung Hee University is also a very famous school in hotel management training. The hotel management industry at the university is part of six faculties including: Hotel Management, Event Management, Food Service Management, Culinary Arts and Food Service, Tourism Management, and Cultural tourism content. The training programs of each department provide abundant professional knowledge and practical programs with practical applications. University fee is 3,147,000krw / semester, postgraduate: 4,290,000krw / semester

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